Toners- Do You Know Them?

Toners- Do You Know Them
So we know how important is it to have squeaky clean skin yeah?

Cleansing usually removes all dirt particles, excess oils and make up residues from the skin. But how do you make sure that there is nothing left behind and your skin is completely clean?

Here comes the toner! Yeah… the oft forgotten and oft overlooked part of skin care regimens. I’ve seen women jump directly from cleansers to moisturizers… which is not quite the right way.

Let me tell you what toners can do for you…

Removes Residues

Thick creamy cleansers generally leave back a filmy residue on the skin. People with dry skin can live with it but those with oily or combination skin will have problems… severe ones. It could result in further oiliness and give rise to blemishes and inflammations.

Toners cut through this film and relieve the skin off any residue that is left behind by the cleanser!

Balances pH

Cleansers tend to change the pH balance of the skin, restoring which is very important. Toners come in handy here. They restore the normal pH balance of the skin and help prevent dryness or irritation.

Clarifies Skin Pores

There is a common misconception that says toners shrink the skin pores which is completely untrue. Stretched pores can never be shrunken down. However, toners can help you minimize the appearance of large pores.
How… u ask?

Toners that contain cosmetic alcohol like SD or isopropyl alcohol cause the opening of the pores to swell a bit… just so much as to make the actual pore less noticeable. But yeah… the effects are temporary!! 😉

So there you have it! Move over to a 3 step skin care regimen and make use of the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ to get yourself better skin!

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